Sunday, September 19, 2010


We had the pleasure of going to Ohio for about a week to visit family...and had a blast! It was especially great because not only does Bill's dad and aunts and uncles live there, but my brother and his family just moved there too! We got to visit family on both sides and Auntie Cee Cee especially got to eat up her sweet neices! I couldn't get enough of cute Christina, Eden and Melody (although they probably got sick of me!) We got to go to Kings Island Amusement Park, had a huge bar-b-que at Bill's dad's place and enjoyed some great visiting time. Here is some documentation of our trip...

Brynlee and Eden on the bumper cars at King's Island

Christina got tuckered out at the amusement park.

Girls waiting in line for their turn to ride.

Eden was hilarious on this ride! She laughed and laughed when it whipped around the corners! So Cute!
Christina on the other hand wasn't much of a fan. Poor sweet thing!

No fear!

Riding the air bus with the neices.

Adorable Christina with momma:)

Bryn and Eden waiting to swing! Weeeeeeeeee!

Wouldn't be a Richardson get together without some serious cornhole!

Very handsome, and serious, Kyle.

My Bryce.
Oh how I love her! She is soooo gorgeous!

Need I say more...stunningly beautiful!

Eden hanging out with the guys!

Had to post this because aunt Sue doen't "allow" pictures to be taken of her. Sneak in a baby and she can't resist the camera as easily! LOL!
Eden and Kye giving some love.
This is one adorable baby girl! Man she is cute!

Sweet Melody.

Eden loving her playset loaded with a firehose! Fun!

Lovin' the water works!
Kye, Bryn and Eden at lunch in Findlay, Ohio.


Lon and Steph said...

You got some AWESOME pictures! I'll speak for us and say that we could never get sick of you :)