Thursday, February 17, 2011

Already A Slacker;)

So......Yeah....3 days in and I already missed a day in the 30 day blog challenge. That's why I didn't make any promises people!

Yesterday"s question was "Who was your 1st Love". Very easy question for me to answer and quite a story but I will keep it brief. MY HUBBY. I first layed eyes on him when I was 15 years old and knew I was gonna marry him...I did and the rest is history. (PS...He's still my crush even after 3 kids and all these years together!)

Today's question is to blog about my parents. My mom and dad completely rock! I am soooo glad that we live close (with the exception of my daddy's job which takes him out of state for periods of time). What would I do without my mom on Thanksgiving??? We'd be eating instant potatoes and a premade turkey! I love that we are able to spend holidays together. My mom is a pillar of strength. She has great advice whenever I need it. My daddy is the most generous and compassionate guy. He has wisdom in a crisis and he gives great hugs! Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge Question #2...

"What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?"

When I was first starting my blog I had to think of something quickly just to get it going. All I could think of was that it was going to be my familys' online version of the "New York Times"...a daily update about the goings-on of our family...hence "The Richardson Times" was born. It has been more of a periodical newsflash rather than a daily one, but it's so fun to go back and remember what highlights we have had througout the year. That's the story =o) See you tomorrow!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Again...

So it's been a while since I've fallen from the "blog-wagon" and I was thinking about hopping back on when my sisters issued a 30 day blog challenge. It's apparently where we have a theme each day to write about on our blogs. I'm not promising a daily dose of myself...I'm gonna ease back in, but I will do my best to not have too big a hiatus from my online family journal again =)

Today I'm supposed to post a recent picture of myself and here ya go. My name is Cee Cee Richardson. I'm married to one amazing man, have 3 awesome kiddos and enjoy paper crafting, chocolate, and being with my friends. I love music (and sometimes think I should have been a pop star...if I could actually sing that is!) and I love to watch shows that encompass great tunes...aka: Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, etc. I'm addicted to word games like Boggle and Bookworm. I adore giving amazing gifts full of thought and packaged cute! That's a wrap about me for today. My most recent picture is from Christmas with my here we are ...The Richardson Fam.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Right of Passage

Kyle turned 12 this year, so his dad decided it was time to teach him how to use some heavy machinery. I couldn't help capturing this picture of Bill's teaching moment with Kye. It's a "Right of Passage" for the Richardson boys to learn how to drive a tractor.


We had the pleasure of going to Ohio for about a week to visit family...and had a blast! It was especially great because not only does Bill's dad and aunts and uncles live there, but my brother and his family just moved there too! We got to visit family on both sides and Auntie Cee Cee especially got to eat up her sweet neices! I couldn't get enough of cute Christina, Eden and Melody (although they probably got sick of me!) We got to go to Kings Island Amusement Park, had a huge bar-b-que at Bill's dad's place and enjoyed some great visiting time. Here is some documentation of our trip...

Brynlee and Eden on the bumper cars at King's Island

Christina got tuckered out at the amusement park.

Girls waiting in line for their turn to ride.

Eden was hilarious on this ride! She laughed and laughed when it whipped around the corners! So Cute!
Christina on the other hand wasn't much of a fan. Poor sweet thing!

No fear!

Riding the air bus with the neices.

Adorable Christina with momma:)

Bryn and Eden waiting to swing! Weeeeeeeeee!

Wouldn't be a Richardson get together without some serious cornhole!

Very handsome, and serious, Kyle.

My Bryce.
Oh how I love her! She is soooo gorgeous!

Need I say more...stunningly beautiful!

Eden hanging out with the guys!

Had to post this because aunt Sue doen't "allow" pictures to be taken of her. Sneak in a baby and she can't resist the camera as easily! LOL!
Eden and Kye giving some love.
This is one adorable baby girl! Man she is cute!

Sweet Melody.

Eden loving her playset loaded with a firehose! Fun!

Lovin' the water works!
Kye, Bryn and Eden at lunch in Findlay, Ohio.

Monday, September 13, 2010


It wouldn't be a real summer break if we didn't take the boat out at least once! We had a blast on Boyd lake with friends. We cruised those tubes all around that lake for hours. The kids had a blast...and I think the dads did too!!!

Hmmm...I wonder who wanted to go slower!

Tube wars with Matt and the boys.

Bryn and Andrew cruisin' the lake.

My babies makin' wakes.

Of course we had to bring "The Moxenator" in her life vest aboard!

My boys getting a crazy ride!

Kyle surf/tubing! LOL!

Road Trip

Bryce had the opportunity to fly solo to North Carolina to help my brother move from Raleigh to Findlay, Ohio. His flight travels were quite the adventure. Missing his connecting flight at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport is where it all started. Luckily, my dad was in Texas at the time and was able to rescue my poor kid until he could catch the next flight to North Carolina the following morning. Grandpa took him to see where JFK was shot and fed him a steak dinner. The next morning (bright and early!) he flew to Raleigh and found after he had been landed for a few hours that he had left his wallet on the plane. So he had no money, I.D. or driver's permit with him for the remainder of his trip. TOTAL BUMMER! But uncle Bubba took great care of him. Bubba's wife and daughters were with his in-laws in Idaho, so it was just Bubba and Bryce who were packing up and driving cross country to Ohio. They had a blast on the road together. They went to Washington DC and Gettysburg. When they got to Ohio, they went a couples hours south to where Bill's dad lives. They were taken under the wing of our family out there and then Lon left Bryce with his grandpa for a few days. Grandpa treated him to a day at Kings Island amusement park and got to spend some quality time together. It was a memorable trip for Bryce and a lesson in how to keep track of your stuff!!!

Bubba and Bryce in front of the Lincoln Monument.

Bryce at the Smithsonian.

Lincoln Memorial.

Colorado boys!

Washington Monument.

Bryce at the White House.

Outside the White House.