Thursday, February 17, 2011

Already A Slacker;)

So......Yeah....3 days in and I already missed a day in the 30 day blog challenge. That's why I didn't make any promises people!

Yesterday"s question was "Who was your 1st Love". Very easy question for me to answer and quite a story but I will keep it brief. MY HUBBY. I first layed eyes on him when I was 15 years old and knew I was gonna marry him...I did and the rest is history. (PS...He's still my crush even after 3 kids and all these years together!)

Today's question is to blog about my parents. My mom and dad completely rock! I am soooo glad that we live close (with the exception of my daddy's job which takes him out of state for periods of time). What would I do without my mom on Thanksgiving??? We'd be eating instant potatoes and a premade turkey! I love that we are able to spend holidays together. My mom is a pillar of strength. She has great advice whenever I need it. My daddy is the most generous and compassionate guy. He has wisdom in a crisis and he gives great hugs! Love you guys!