Monday, September 13, 2010

Road Trip

Bryce had the opportunity to fly solo to North Carolina to help my brother move from Raleigh to Findlay, Ohio. His flight travels were quite the adventure. Missing his connecting flight at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport is where it all started. Luckily, my dad was in Texas at the time and was able to rescue my poor kid until he could catch the next flight to North Carolina the following morning. Grandpa took him to see where JFK was shot and fed him a steak dinner. The next morning (bright and early!) he flew to Raleigh and found after he had been landed for a few hours that he had left his wallet on the plane. So he had no money, I.D. or driver's permit with him for the remainder of his trip. TOTAL BUMMER! But uncle Bubba took great care of him. Bubba's wife and daughters were with his in-laws in Idaho, so it was just Bubba and Bryce who were packing up and driving cross country to Ohio. They had a blast on the road together. They went to Washington DC and Gettysburg. When they got to Ohio, they went a couples hours south to where Bill's dad lives. They were taken under the wing of our family out there and then Lon left Bryce with his grandpa for a few days. Grandpa treated him to a day at Kings Island amusement park and got to spend some quality time together. It was a memorable trip for Bryce and a lesson in how to keep track of your stuff!!!

Bubba and Bryce in front of the Lincoln Monument.

Bryce at the Smithsonian.

Lincoln Memorial.

Colorado boys!

Washington Monument.

Bryce at the White House.

Outside the White House.


Courtney said...

LOVE the "Colorado Boys" pic! :0)
What a great experience it was for Bryce to hang with Bubba for that week! Some parts were a disaster, but I think the good memories out weighed all that! :0)